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TIRTO HUSODO HOT SPRING - Enjoying Hot Spring without Sulfur Smell

Banyu Anget
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Tirto Husodo Hot Spring is being a unique and different attraction in Pacitan. More popular as Banyu Anget, this hot spring is unique and different without strong sulfur smell.

TIRTO HUSODO HOT SPRING - Enjoying Hot Spring without Sulfur Smell

Have you ever visited a hot spring? You must be familiar with its sulfur smell then. However, it is different with Tirto Husodo Hot Spring in Pacitan. There is no sulfur smell that will annoy you and make you uncomfortable.

This hot spring, which is more popular as Banyu Anget, is located around 15 km north of the city with accessible route. Car and motorbike can go smooth and easy. Although it is located quiet far, this tourism spot has equipped with some supporting facilities, including a wide parking area. From this point, we still have to walk and hike the trails flunk by shady trees. This forest on the slope of Mount Kelir is still natural and well preserved. YogYES even saw some squirrels playing on the top of trees.

There are 4 pools in this area, a pool with the hot spring water, 2 adult swimming pools, and a children swimming pool. Visitors are not allowed to go in the first pool or touch the water because of the hot water temperature. This hot water pool is taken to the other 3 pools and mixed with cold water to adjust the temperature with the human body. The lack of sulfur smell in this hot spring is very interesting.

The strong sulfur smell that usually comes out in hot spring is actually the smell of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) produced by anaerobe bacteria when the water is boiled naturally inside the Earth. This substance is then brought out to the surface of the Earth, except in some cases when there is only a small amount of Hydrogen Sulfide produced or when it is oxidized by the Oxygen before it gets to the surface of the Earth. Banyu Anget is one of the examples. Without this sulfur smell, you will be more comfort and enjoy relaxing in the hot spring. The warm water is also good to accelerate your blood circulation. This is the right place to visit and end your day by relaxing in a warm water swimming pool after surfing and exploring the beaches and caves all day long.